The process begins with our rigid consultation process as we engineer specification specific to each operating environment.  Prior to proposal of a service or product, we require the client to provide all relevant data associated with the given service environment, including but not limited to chemicals involved, operating temperature, design, velocity, particle consistency, particle size, etc. 
This data is passed from our representative to our corporate engineering group whom then considers historical data on similar inquiries and the physical and chemical properties of the service environment against the physical and chemical properties of the coating systems that we offer.  The conclusion of that process results in us either determining that we do not have a system that can handle the environment, propose an immersion test or trial project or offer a coating specification that will provide a long term solution.
As a core value, we endeavor to always provide a genuine consultation addressing the given problem and the risks associated with a coating solution, should they exist. Prior to application projects, we write a detailed quality plan, specific to the circumstances associated with the given project.  Included is a system designed to accountably ensure that the specified standards are met at every phase: environmental controls and site containment, surface preparation, application environmental controls, wet film thickness measurements, dry film thickness measurements and holiday detection via high voltage AC spark testing.  Inspection is performed in accordance with SSPC and NACE standards.
At Naki, we understand that good enough is not satisfactory.